LalaLashes was founded in 2015. I took a basic lash course in Toronto, just thinking maybe then I can do friends’ lashes for fun. Then I learned and researched more and more, and I became obsessed with lashes. I started to enhance my skills by getting more training, which led me to study in Korea (Leena Young Aesthetic & Academy), Taiwan (Jovisa Lashes ), and Miami (Lashmaker).


I had a really small studio in Markham shared with another technician when I started and met a lot of wonderful people, who are our clients and now really are close friends. Lalalshes became more than a hobby but my career and I am so passionate about the transformation that I can provide for our clients.




Now we are located in downtown Richmond Hill area with a larger shop. We also supply and sell our own brand of lashes and tools. In addition we offer educational training classes for lashes. We specialize in Russian volume lashes and Mega volume lashes. We believe in high quality service and products, and we have the best review in our area on Yelp for the past 5 years. We believe in constantly upgrading our skills and knowledge by learning from the best! Our team here has 5 years and more of experience in the lash extensions industry.